pH7 is a private consultancy firm that provides quality solutions for individuals and businesses seeking to optimise their performance and productivity. We specialise in the use of technology and software to serve our clients and achieve their goals.

What We Do

pH7 specialises in the development of the Algorithmic Software and Automation of processes and software. Our recent foray into fintech has yielded us much insight and benefits especially when applied to the financial markets. Through our partnerships with reputable brokerages, we are able to value-add to our client’s needs and growth.


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Ride the Trend with us

Our FinTech Algo Trading System

Our TrendX system is capable of conducting its own analysis on financial markets and execute trades. It is based on a proven system with an establishing track record, that can be verified with fx book, an international verification software.

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pH7 Traineeship is the educational experience arm of pH7 which provides opportunities to individuals who are keen on picking up skills in trading and investment.​ Check out what past trainees have said about the program!

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