About Us

pH7 is a private consultancy firm that provides quality solutions for individuals and businesses seeking to optimise their performance and productivity.

FinTech Solutions
& Algorithmic Software

We specialise in the use of technology and software to serve our clients and achieve their goals. We have since evolved into a Fintech firm specialising in the development of the Algorithmic Software and Automation of processes and software. Our recent foray into fintech has yielded us much insight and benefits especially when applied to the financial markets. Through our partnerships with reputable brokerages, we are able to value-add to our client’s needs and growth. Singapore Biz Reg No. 53236904A

Our Principles

These are what pH7 believes in and what we firmly stand by.


We believe in being honest and forthright about what we know, and how we do business to create a win situation for everyone.


We learn best by being real and pragmatic, as well as staying optimistic in our bid to make progress.


We do so with our time, knowledge and efforts to bring the best value out of all that we do, and giving back to our network and communities.

our team

pH7 boasts of a top quality team that is diverse but unified in making an impact in business and trade.

Mr Calvin Chan

Founder & Director

Mr Calvin Chan is Founder and Director of pH7. He oversees the various departments of the firm and has led the business to be at the forefront of financial technologies (Fintech) applications. With his experience in wealth management in the past, he has been consulted by many to give advice and tips to succeed in the industry. Mr Chan also had a stint with the Ministry of Education and firmly believes in the high value of education, that anyone and everyone, can achieve what they want to achieve if they set their mind and heart to learn and overcome.

With that in mind, he started the pH7 Traineeship Experience that empowers trainees to become independent thinkers and confident individuals. Recently, in line with the latest trends in fintech, he has also steered the business into applications of fintech such as focusing on the complete in-house development of pH7’s Gap Up System, which helps many individuals and even business entities see much success in reaching their business and financial goals.

Mr Chan Siang Huat

Management Advisor

Mr Chan Siang Huat is acting Advisor to pH7. With his decades of experience dealing in the foreign exchange market, his insights to the developments in currency exchanges and worldwide policies is invaluable. His network with trade unions have also helped in building the community and user base of pH7 services. With his support and advice, pH7 is sure to be set on firm foundations and solid standing.

Mr Kevin Chong

Chief Technology Officer

Mr Kevin Chong is our team lead in the area of technology development and analysis. With his experience in systems analysis and data management, coupled with his experience in the banking sector, he is well positioned to bring to the table the most contemporary technology that helps bring productivity to a whole new level. He probably is the most quick witted player on the team and enjoys gaming and dance in his free time.

Mr Chris Loh

Global FX Trader & Analyst

Mr Chris Loh has been trading profitably for many years in the financial markets and is also currently responsible for business development of pH7 in Malaysia. He is also part of the marketing team managing pH7’s services in the region. As an avid investor himself, he is one who believes in going all out to achieve his goals and doing whatever it takes to reach his objectives. He believes in helping others along the way and help them achieve the kind of success they would like to experience.

Mr Wong Jing Ping

Data Science Advisor

Mr Wong Jing Ping is team lead in the area of technological frontier when it comes to tech applications. With his years of experience in the field, he is able to put to application, many theories and principles of coding and programming which has benefitted many. His experience at various top global tech firms gives him the advantage of being at the forefront of technological developments and data systems. He has helped put together ideas and enabling them for the business.

Mr Leonard Chiang

Business Development Manager

Mr Leonard Chiang is our most recent addition to the team and is key in developing our overseas expansion into the rest of southeast asia and globally. With his keen experience in the area of sales and marketing, coupled with his outgoing and most friendly personality, he is able to bring to the team many new perspectives and also add value to many new prospects and connections.  An active parkour fan and practitioner, he is game for any adventure and challenge that evokes excitement and growth.

Mr Fairuz Sufyan

Biz Dev Associate/Lead FX Educator

Mr Daniel Toong

Biz Dev Associate

Mr Tung Wei Xiong

Biz Dev Associate

Mr Sherwin Goh

Biz Dev Associate

pH7 analytics logo

pH7 Analytics Team

Fintech Applications

pH7 about Ph7 analytics team

Our analytics team is made up of many outstanding individuals who have contributed to the success of our products in software and fintech applications. As their work is highly proprietary, they work in absolute discretion and trust of the company. As a team, under the guidance and leadership of Mr Chan, they are primarily responsible for software systems and algorithms developed by pH7. Optimisation and improving efficiency of systems are also top of their priority, coupled with systems maintenance and cyber security.

Our Software

In the realm of science, pH7 is at the centre of the pH scale. In the area of business, similarly, we strive to provide services that are balanced and centered around our clients’ needs. Recently, we have been focusing on the use of financial technologies to free our clients from financial constraints, and to empower them to do what they really set out to achieve. Take a look at our software, developed by our own Analytics team.