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At pH7, we believe that knowledge and network is key to any form of success, and at the heart of every over-achiever is the attitude of optimism, hope and grit. As a business that is also charting our own success everyday, we also invite you who are keen to join us on this journey of discovery and learning through our popular traineeship program.


Through the program, trainees can pick up lifelong skills and knowledge that is usually not shared through formal courses of education. Trainees will be able to pick up trading and investment acumen, glean from the top performers in the space and customise their own success stories through investment and trade.


Find out more in our Traineeship Page by clicking on the button below.

Target Point

Gap Up is our proprietary fintech trading software developed to help traders automate their trades. Long known for its high accuracy and reliability, it has been the pride and success of our endeavours thus far, in our journey of financial software technological development.


The software is recently available to retail traders to help better their trades and performance, helping them achieve stellar returns and gap up from whatever challenge they are facing, whether lack of time in monitoring markets, or not having sufficient confidence in executing trade plans, to wherever they want to be. With a software that sticks by strict rules and algorithms, retail traders can now also experience the power and benefits of algo trading that has helped many others achieve freedom and confidence. Many have since been able to spend more time doing the things they want to do like spending quality time with their family, pursuing that hobby of theirs, or simply taking that long overdue vacation.


So wherever you are, whatever you are doing, we hope this can help you Gap Up from wherever you are currently, to a better place.