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The pH7 Traineeship is for all aspiring student traders who would like to experience success in their journey into the world of trade, investment and finance. Whether you are still an undergraduate, just started working or are looking to enter the industry, we welcome everyone from all backgrounds who would like to pick up the many tips and skills that will be shared throughout the traineeship.

About the program

Trainees are given the opportunity to learn and be engaged in analysis and trading activities at pH7. Unlike an internship, a traineeship focuses on the trainee and not the company. This ensures that learning takes priority above all other tasks and needs of the business. All trainees will have many real-time market learning opportunities and our hope is for all trainees to attain a comfortable level of confidence, so they can face the markets eventually on their own.

Trainees will undergo a modular course on trading the financial markets, focusing on technical analysis coupled with fundamental analysis, on what drive prices, and macroeconomic analysis, on what events move prices. They will be taught strategies that have successful track records, and also strategies that are widely used by market practitioners, to create their own personalised strategies. At the end of the traineeship, there will also be opportunities to be engaged in our services , be it in fintech software or just hanging around our community and network of like-minded people. As with all skills, trading is also a skill and mastery of skills always takes time, deliberate practice and discipline. With active coaching and our emphasis on accountability, all our trainees have reached success levels they have never experienced before, and have gone on to succeed in many areas of their lives. You can check out their testimonies below.

Top reasons to join

Highly customized to learning

Active Coaching

Flexible work hours & work from anywhere

Learner-oriented modular training program

Independent learning structure

Hands-on application of practical skills

Results focused and directed

Individual portfolio sprucing

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The pH7 Traineeship Program has greatly impacted and prepared many eager individuals for the FinTech industry.
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The Traineeship experience is provided by pH7 Global, and supported by
Vantage FX & partners and OCBC Bank & partners.

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The pH7 Traineeship involves a highly subsidised training fee that will be borne by trainees at the start of the traineeship. Indicate your interest to find out more.
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